Pro Tools Operator-Dave Sims - location sound recordist


 Recent Work
How to do Stuff Good                      "Life Hacks" presented by kids for kids - ABC
Royals Down Under                          High profile public figures talk about Australia's experience with the Royal Family - Fredbird - ABC
Let's Go Adelaide                              Children's Adventure show with Grace Koh - ABC Me.
Aussie Salvage Squad                        Ob-Doc following marine salvage crew as they continue the clean-up at Airlie Beach after 2017's Cyclone Debbie - Frebird - 7Mate
Refugee Chef                                      Doc profile on refugee family where the father is showing his gratitude to the people of Wollongong with his amazing food - People Factor Studio - Singapore
Bite Club                                             Doc about support group where the members are all shark bite victims - Joined Up Films / Discovery
Get Arty / Get Crafty                        Kids arts and science show - CH7
What It's Like                                    International Youth Jury prize at Prix Jeunesse
Dr Karl's Outrageous Acts of Science          Dr Karl and a bunch of Scientists and Comedians have fun with viral videos.
Follow Me                                           Children's adventure show with Grace Koh - ABC Me
Teddies                                                Childrens show working with Puppeteer - Northern Pictures 


Outback Wrangler Season 3            Crocodile catching in the NT - National Geographic Channel
Air Rescue Season 4                          Ob-Doc featuring Westpac Helicopter Rescue Service Lismore - FredBird Entertainment - Ch7

Follow Me                                          Children's adventure show with Grace Koh - ABC Me

The Embassy Asia Season 3             2 month Ob-Doc shoot at the Australian Consulate Bali Southern Pictures / FredBird Entertainment - CH9

Morris's Big Adventure                    Children's Show (PlaySchool) FredBird Entertainment - ABC


Air Rescue Season 3                         Ob-Doc featuring Westpac Helicopter Rescue Service Newcastle - Ch7 - FredBird Entertainment

Hatch, Match, Dispatch                   Ob-Doc featuring Dept of Births, Deaths and Marriages - FredBird Entertainment - ABC

Outback Wrangler Season 2           Crocodile catching in the NT - National Geographic Channel

The Embassy Asia Season 2            3 month Ob-Doc shoot at the Australian Embassy Bangkok - Southern Pictures / FredBird – Ch9


Making Families Happy                  Ob-Doc - Additional Sound Recordist ABC - Heiress Films

My Great Big Adventure                Children's television series ABC3 - FredBird Entertainment

Air Rescue Season 2                         Ob-Doc featuring Westpac Helicopter Rescue Service Newcastle - Ch7 - FredBird Entertainment

Great White Matrix                        Shark Week Filming Great White Sharks at Neptune Islands - Discovery / Northern Pictures

In the Footsteps of the Brave         Walking the Kokoda Track with Penrith Panthers - TVS

Air Rescue                                        Ob-doc featuring Westpac Helicopter Rescue Newcastle Ch7 - FredBird Entertainment


My Cornerstone                              Indy Feature FilmWorld Pictures Australia

We are Many                                   Documentary - Stella Motion Pictures

Survivor                                           Series 26 US Survivor in Philippines - Survivor Productions


Amazing Race Australia                Series 2 - ActiveTV

Circle of Lies                                   Feature Film - Producers Liz Shute & Steve Jaggi

Ad Nauseum                                   Indy Feature Film - Directed by Nikos Andronicos

Amazing Race Australia               Series 1 ActiveTV

Newton’s Third Law                     Indy Feature Film - World Pictures Australia

Amazing Race Asia                       ActiveTV

Shark Harbour                              Documentary about Bull Sharks in Sydney Harbour - Ultramarine Films


NRL 2009- 2014                            Sideline Audio Tech Fox Sports / Global TV

Bathing Franky                            Indy Feature Film Comedy featuring Henri Szeps & Maria Vanuti, Directed by Owen Elliot

Callous                                          Indy Feature Film - Directed by Alan Lock - LockFilms

Nextdoor to the Velinskys           Indy Feature Film - CineGear Productions


Escape with ET                            Gone fishin'! - Channel 10 - ET Production

Plus !

Many, many corporate video, TVC and Press Junkets for local and international productions.

Also sound recordist and post editor / sound designer for about 20 short films over the past seven years.

What Else?

Insurance                              Workers Compensation Insurance, $20 Million Public Liability Insurance, and Equipment Insurance.
Qualifications                          Diploma of Music Industry (Technical Production) SAE College, Sydney Completed March 2007
Awards                                      Australian Screen Sound Guild Best Sound for a Lifestyle, Reality or Live Television Programme AIR RESCUE s3



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