Pro Tools Operator-Dave Sims - location sound recordist


 Recent Work
Bondi Rescue                               Ob-Doc On the beach all summer following the Bondi lifeguards.
The Amazing Race Australia       HOD Lead Sound for this season of this amazing show.
Corporate                                        COVID19 Saw me into the boardrooms of corporate Australia, running Live panels and Live Keynotes, AGMs etc. With all that i saw and heard from our top CEOs, i could pretty     much run an investment / insurance company now...

Australia Remastered                  Australian natural history show showcasing 50 years of ABC archive footage. We travelled to some remote corners of Australia 
                                                          shooting links with Aaron Pederson. - Wildbear Entertainment  -ABC
The Amazing Race Australia       Season 4 of this iconic show.
The Real Agents                             Behind the real estate agents behind the most expensive property in Sydney. Butter Media - 10
Playschool                                        Field shoots for the Windows segments
How to do stuff good                      S2  "Life Hacks" presented by kids for kids - ABC                 
Sarah Ferguson investigates the forces behind child abuse inside the catholic church - In-Films - ABC
How to do Stuff Good                      "Life Hacks" presented by kids for kids - ABC
Royals Down Under                          High profile public figures talk about Australia's experience with the Royal Family - Fredbird - ABC
Let's Go Adelaide                              Children's Adventure show with Grace Koh - ABC Me.
Aussie Salvage Squad                        Ob-Doc following marine salvage crew as they continue the clean-up at Airlie Beach after 2017's Cyclone Debbie - Frebird - 7Mate
Refugee Chef                                      Doc profile on refugee family where the father is showing his gratitude to the people of Wollongong with his amazing food - People         Factor Studio - Singapore
Bite Club                                             Doc about support group where the members are all shark bite victims - Joined Up Films / Discovery
Get Arty / Get Crafty                        Kids arts and science show - CH7
What It's Like                                    International Youth Jury prize at Prix Jeunesse
Dr Karl's Outrageous Acts of Science          Dr Karl and a bunch of Scientists and Comedians have fun with viral videos.
Follow Me                                           Children's adventure show with Grace Koh - ABC Me
Teddies                                                Childrens show working with Puppeteer - Northern Pictures 


Outback Wrangler Season 3            Crocodile catching in the NT - National Geographic Channel
Air Rescue Season 4                          Ob-Doc featuring Westpac Helicopter Rescue Service Lismore - FredBird Entertainment - Ch7

Follow Me                                          Children's adventure show with Grace Koh - ABC Me

The Embassy Asia Season 3             2 month Ob-Doc shoot at the Australian Consulate Bali Southern Pictures / FredBird Entertainment - CH9

Morris's Big Adventure                    Children's Show (PlaySchool) FredBird Entertainment - ABC


Air Rescue Season 3                         Ob-Doc featuring Westpac Helicopter Rescue Service Newcastle - Ch7 - FredBird Entertainment

Hatch, Match, Dispatch                   Ob-Doc featuring Dept of Births, Deaths and Marriages - FredBird Entertainment - ABC

Outback Wrangler Season 2           Crocodile catching in the NT - National Geographic Channel

The Embassy Asia Season 2            3 month Ob-Doc shoot at the Australian Embassy Bangkok - Southern Pictures / FredBird – Ch9


Making Families Happy                  Ob-Doc - Additional Sound Recordist ABC - Heiress Films

My Great Big Adventure                Children's television series ABC3 - FredBird Entertainment

Air Rescue Season 2                         Ob-Doc featuring Westpac Helicopter Rescue Service Newcastle - Ch7 - FredBird Entertainment

Great White Matrix                        Shark Week Filming Great White Sharks at Neptune Islands - Discovery / Northern Pictures

In the Footsteps of the Brave         Walking the Kokoda Track with Penrith Panthers - TVS

Air Rescue                                        Ob-doc featuring Westpac Helicopter Rescue Newcastle Ch7 - FredBird Entertainment


My Cornerstone                              Indy Feature FilmWorld Pictures Australia

We are Many                                   Documentary - Stella Motion Pictures

Survivor                                           Series 26 US Survivor in Philippines - Survivor Productions


Amazing Race Australia                Series 2 - ActiveTV

Circle of Lies                                   Feature Film - Producers Liz Shute & Steve Jaggi

Ad Nauseum                                   Indy Feature Film - Directed by Nikos Andronicos

Amazing Race Australia               Series 1 ActiveTV

Newton’s Third Law                     Indy Feature Film - World Pictures Australia

Amazing Race Asia                       ActiveTV

Shark Harbour                              Documentary about Bull Sharks in Sydney Harbour - Ultramarine Films


NRL 2009- 2014                            Sideline Audio Tech Fox Sports / Global TV

Bathing Franky                            Indy Feature Film Comedy featuring Henri Szeps & Maria Vanuti, Directed by Owen Elliot

Callous                                          Indy Feature Film - Directed by Alan Lock - LockFilms

Nextdoor to the Velinskys           Indy Feature Film - CineGear Productions


Escape with ET                            Gone fishin'! - Channel 10 - ET Production

Plus !

Many, many corporate video, TVC and Press Junkets for local and international productions.

Also sound recordist and post editor / sound designer for about 20 short films over the past seven years.

What Else?

Insurance                              Workers Compensation Insurance, $20 Million Public Liability Insurance, and Equipment Insurance.
Qualifications                          Diploma of Music Industry (Technical Production) SAE College, Sydney Completed March 2007
Awards                                      Australian Screen Sound Guild Best Sound for a Lifestyle, Reality or Live Television Programme AIR RESCUE s3


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